Benjamin Oxhandler

Benjamin Oxhandler

CEO Of Luxurious Mobile Detailing LLC

Established in 2001 Benjamin Oxhandler, owner of Luxurious Mobile Detailing LLC. I started this business as a temporary fix in 2001 when I needed to make ends meet ! I was about to become a dad. The street life wasn’t how I wanted to support my family. So in 2001 Luxurious Mobile Detailing LLC took off at full speed. Building a great client base over years guided me straight to success everything that came with hard work and staying dedicated to my job.

It is the moments in the past that drives us towards our Goals! which was  to offer the best Spa Luxury Treatment  in all of Palm Beach,FL. Also to make it affordable for you to get your Luxury Car treated anytime you would like, and we will go the extra mile to show our appreciation to all our great wondeful and dedicated  customers.

“Image is everything it tells your story”


What We Do?

LuxuriousMobiledetailing.com Is a scheduling platform for both standard and luxury cars we treat every client the same most of all our Services are Affordable!

Why do we do it?

Finding quality local auto detailing that you trust can be a frustrating process. We decided to build a Online platform for everyday people who work hard, live busy schedules and take pride into make sure their car is take care of with the best treatment in the Palm Beach and Palm Beach County area !

 How It Works?

Through our mobile/web platform there is 5- Easy Steps to get your car registered to began its spa treatment. You can do your normal days schedule, and we will come to you at your specified time and location.


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